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Invest ₹9k/month & Get 1 Cr returns* Plans starting from ₹1,000/month

As per the Insurance guidelines, you are allowed to cancel the policy with-in 15 days from the date of Issuance of policy. For more details, please read the Plan Brochure carefully or talk to our advisor at the time of purchase.

Know More About Investment Plan:

In the financial context, investment is any money or fund that you spend today to reap financial benefits in future. Any investment made by you is an act to create or buy assets expecting a return in form of capital appreciation, interest earning or dividend. This return is profitable in comparison to the funds invested in the initial stages. You can differentiate almost all the investments from various other types of transactions depending on the intention of spending money. The money you spent on making an investment is basically with the intent to obtain some kind of return in a certain period of time.

Types of Investment:
  • Short term Investments
  • Mutual Funds
  • SIP - Systematic Investment Plan
  • ULIP - Unit-Linked Insurance Plan
  • Pension Plans
  • Long term Investments